About Us

Our Story

Once upon a time, back in 1978, Mannford Animal clinic was founded. We quickly outgrew our original location and moved into our current building in the late 90’s. A couple generations of doctors and a few million dog treats later, we currently have 3 doctors and 6 supporting staff to keep mannford mannford ok mannford vet local vetthe doctors sane! Our staff is made of Oklahoma locals that gives us a unique blend of country values and high quality medicine. We offer up-to-date surgical procedures, boarding, and veterinary care all wrapped up in a classic Oklahoma accent!

Meet Our Fantastic Team

Dr. Lasarsky

Dr. Lasarsky graduated from the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979.dr. lasarsky gary lasarksy lasarky vet mannford vet

 He practiced mixed animal medicine from 1979-1995, and currently practices small animal medicine exclusively. Dr. Lasarsky’s special interests include soft tissue surgery and orthopedics.

Outside practice, Dr. Lasarsky enjoys traveling, SCUBA diving, and Crossfit. Dr. Lasarsky and his wife have 4 children, 8 grandchildren, and 2 dogs who keep them (and their swimming pool) very busy.


Dr. Carley

Dr. Carley graduated from the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. She has been practicing veterinary medicine with her father,IMG_20151211_133302691.jpg Dr. Lasarsky, since 2005. She enjoys practicing general medicine and wellness medicine.

Dr. Carley and her husband have 2 young children who keep them very busy. Their family enjoys physical activity, including running, “boot camp” workouts, and various outdoor activities. They also rarely miss an OSU football game! Dr. Carley has 5 rescued pets. Hawk and M.J. are her dogs, and they maintain backyard “squirrel patrol”. Her cats are Reggie and Nora and Hobbes.



Debbie has been with the Mannford Animal Clinic since 1979.  She is our head receptionist andFullSizeRender.jpg.jpeg practice manager, making sure our practice runs smoothly!

Debbie and her husband have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and shopping! Debbie’s animal companions include Abby the Yorkie and Daisy the (tiny) Yorkie.


Esther has been with the Mannford Animal Clinic for 11 years! She is our head laboratory technician and inventory specialist.FullSizeRender.jpg

Esther and her husband have 3 daughters who are very active in sports and other activities. Esther’s family likes to go camping and they enjoy the traveling that goes along with having a competitive gymnast in the family! Esther has a a chihuahua, Bee, and a dachshund, Pip , who are frequent visitors at the clinic.


Robin has been working with her father-in-law, Dr. Lasarsky, since January 2009. She is Robin.pngone of our technicians as well as our weekend receptionist.

Robin and her husband have 2 children. They love family road trips, especially to national parks. Aside from hiking and exploring, they also enjoy sitting down together for family dinners.  They have 1 cat, Vicious, and 2 dogs, Mr. Iba and Pistol Pete (can you tell they love the Pokes?).


Christian has been with the Mannford Animal Clinic since July 2014. Christian is a certifiedIMG_4215 veterinary assistant, and maintains our surgical suite, as well as ensuring the comfort of our hospitalized patients.

Christian and her husband have 2 young sons. Their family enjoys outdoor activities and spending quality time together. Christian has 4 dogs, Mary Jane, Patches, June, and Vienna (a chi-weenie!), and one cat, Trini.




Erika is our newest kennel technician! She is fromimage0-1 Kellyville and is very active in softball and basketball! She is very bright and is keeping her options open for her future! 




image0(1)Candra is our rock star vet-tech student. She is married with 3 kids: Jack, Sam, Elly. Candra also has 4 dogs: Finn (one of our recent rescue surgeries), Mango, Odie, and Mr. Bojangles with 1 kitty can, Stormy. She is in her second of three years of tech school and doing a fantastic job!

In her spare time, Candra loves the outdoors, spending time with her family, and is a voracious bookworm!



Vienna aka Veeny is another Mannford fur baby. She is a IMG_4108Chiweenie and will be 4-years-old this May. Pictured here modeling this Spring’s latest fashion, she frequently struts her stuff and chases her favorite stuffed toys around the clinic!

Daisy & Abby

Daisy (left) is a 3-year-old Yorkie & Abby (right) is a 10-year-old Yorkie cross. Together they are FullSizeRender.jpg (2).jpegaffectionately known as the “town criers”. More effective than any doorbell, they keep us on guard for enemy intruders FullSizeRender.jpg (1)and alert the premises every time somebody enters. Don’t let their brave facades fool you though; their barks is much worse than their bite (they really don’t have a bite)!


Creede (to the right) is the coolest of our clinic pets. creedeHe is a Great Pyrenees – Labradoodle mix and is going through a bit of a rebellious phase right now but we are pretty sure he will grow out of it. It is almost time to celebrate his 1st birthday!



Count is the only cat of our crew. Count.pngHe showed up one day at Dr. Boomer’s house and just became part of the clinic! Don’t let his cuteness fool you, he thinks he is a big dog. He enjoys chasing the clinic dogs around and generally wreaking havoc.

Pip & June

image0 (2)Pip and June are our two newest additions! They are twin girl mini Dachshunds that were adopted by Esther and Christian respectively. They are both fierce little furballs! They can be found wreaking havoc around the clinic and usually arguing over toys.