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Howl at the Moon Dog Lodge

No matter what type of care and support your furry friend needs, rest assured that HOWL AT THE MOON DOG LOGDE can provide what they need and more with experience, passion and fun.

Their Services


Howl at the Moon is a family-owned, private boarding facility. That means they can give your dog the one-on-one attention they get at home while you are on vacation!

Doggy Daycare

Their facility also offers daycare services! Your puppy just had surgery and needs an eye on them while you work? They have you covered!

“My doggies love it here. She takes great care of them EVERYTIME they are there. No hesitations about leaving my fur babies in her care. A huge plus that she is local to our community.”

Rayann M.

Howl at the Moon is the very first place we recommend! Check out their Facebook below!

Woodland West Pet Resort

All climate-controlled runs and water bowls are sanitized daily to ensure they are always in the fureshest environment. Their security system is state-of-the-art, and each luxury suite has a live, 24/7 webcam that way you can check in on your fur loves at any time.

They also cover a variety of species, everything from a horse to pocket pets and birds!

Their Services


Their staff has also been trained to watch for and handle any signs of discomfort your pet may show while on vacation with them. 


There are tons of benefits to doggy daycare: HOURS of interactive playtime, in-ground doggie pool, specialty seasonal activities, & nap times!


While providing grooming services, their professional groomers examine pets from nose to tail that way they can alert the owner of any potential problems they may find.


They even offer in-facility training! They cover puppies to older pets and offer drop-off, while boarding, classes, and one-on-one training!

“Love this facility! My dogs are happy and I am happy. Clean, friendly and pleasant staff with my dogs and me. This facility is top notch!”

Jan L.

Woodland West Pet Resort is a 5-star facility with tons of great, professional services! Check them out below!

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