Our Services

Wellness Visits 

An annual check-up is just as important to our pets as it is to us, especially since our pets can’t tell us when they don’t feel good! Not only can we maintain an up-to-date record of your pet’s health, we can also  keep an eye out for any current or developing medical issues. Let’s not forget those vaccines or preventatives either! Maintaining a valid relationship with a vet allows us to keep your pet’s vaccines up-to-date and prescribe monthly medications to keep those pesky fleas and ticks away!

A typical pet wellness visit includes:

  • Thorough physical exam by your doctor:
    • listen to the heart for any signs of murmurs or heart disease
    • listen to the lungs for any unusual sounds
    • examine the eyes for any signs of cataracts or other common changes
    • examine the ears for any mites or infections
    • oral examination for dental concerns
    • examination of other body systems for changes or developing issues
    • heartworm test for heartworms
    • fecal test for any intestinal parasite infections
    • bloodwork (if necessary)
      • This is especially important in older pets or those that are not feeling their best!

We also keep track if any vaccinations are due! There are different vaccination schedules for puppies & adults, so be sure to ask your doctor when they are next due!

During this appointment we can always discuss any other issues or questions that come up. We love to share out knowledge with our clients and managing things like moving to a new house or what kind of litter is best for your new kitty are great questions for our team!


Dental Care 

Why is dental care important for my pet?

*Image courtesy of Daily Veterinary News

Regular dental care is about more than fresh breath and a pretty smile! Lack of dental care can lead to dental disease, broken teeth, and can even worsen pre-existing health issues like heart disease. We at Mannford Animal Clinic believe that dental care is a huge part of our pet’s health. Luckily, preventing dental disease is easy! We offer dental cleanings, extractions, periodontal assessment, and more to manage, treat, and prevent your pet’s dental issues!



What if your pet gets lost?

Microchips are a safe and reliable method of identification for your pet! Every year millions of pets are lost during storms, the Fourth of July, etcetera but microchipping

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helps reconnect families with their lost pets. Once a microchip is placed just under the skin (just like a vaccine injection), if your pet is found, shelters and vet clinics around the nation scan your pet and find their identification number. This number is entered into a database that contains all your contact information so you can be reunited!

Don’t forget to update your contact information if you move! It is very important to keep your pet’s microchip data up-to-date!

International Travel

Many foreign countries require that pet’s be microchipped in order to travel overseas. Luckily, our microchips qualify as internationally-approved microchips! We can also create health certificates for national and international travel for your convenience.

Laboratory Services

We offer a wide range of laboratory services from routine care to specialty testing for your convenience. These tests are to monitor and diagnose any diseases that can plague your bundle of fur. Mannford Animal Clinic is equipped with rapid

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laboratory equipment capable of providing results in-clinic in mere minutes! Right here in our at-home lab we can perform blood testing, urine analysis, fecal testing for parasites, ear mite evaluation, thyroid panels, kidney testing, and more!

We also have a relationship with specialty diagnostic laboratory services for more extensive testing. We collect samples here, such as biopsies of masses, and send them to advanced labs for results in just a few days!

Extensive Veterinary Services 

It would be difficult to sum up all of our services on one little website but we do so much more! A few of our additional services include:

Nurse Shera
  • Surgical procedures
  • Anesthesia & monitoring
  • X-rays & Other diagnostic imaging
  • USDA Health Certificates
  • Nail trims
  • Anal gland expression
  • Wellness exams
  • Euthanasia & cremation services
  • Vaccinations
  • And more!

We are truly an all-inclusive small animal clinic dedicated to ensuring you have a happy, healthy pet!


Think we should add something? Feel free to contact us with suggestions or questions regarding our services!