Alert, Behavior, FYI

What can you do when your dog is afraid of fireworks this Fourth?

The Fourth is almost here! It is a sad truth but more pets go missing due to firework anxiety than any other holiday. Feel out of options? Not sure what to do? That is why we are here!

Whether it is just changing your routine, bringing them in the house, or using calming medication, there are lots of options for this issue!

Here is a quick & easy list of some simple things you can do to calm down your anxious pet this Fourth:

  1. Bring them inside the garage or inside your home.
    • This seems almost obvious, but seeing that bright flash from a firework is almost as scary as hearing it to your pet.
  2. Find them a safe place to hide whether it be a closet or under the bed.
    • Providing that cozy space gives them a place to feel secure.
  3. Play TV or other background noise to lessen the volume of the fireworks.
  4. Pet them and soothe them: Your animals feel much calmer when you are calm.
  5. Relaxation medications: Some pets are so severely affected that they need some pharmaceutical help. That is completely okay and their friends will not make fun of them! We have a variety of safe, effective calming medications that we use all the time for noise phobias like this.

Want to learn more or hear about our calming medication options? Give us a call at (918)865-4733 or message us now!

Alert, FYI


Rising lake levels and stagnant water is causing a massive outbreak of mosquitoes!! This means our pets are at a much HIGHER RISK of heartworm infection! Due to this increased risk, now more than ever we recommend heartworm testing and prevention ♥️ This also applies to intestinal parasites such as HOOKWORMS and ROUNDWORMS; the fecal material in and around the lake gets swept up in that flood water!! Give us a call to ask about how you can keep your pet safe today!

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