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‘Tis the Season!

…for venomous snakes, that is! With the warmer weather, copperhead snakes are becoming more active in our area, and there has been a reported increase in dogs bitten by them! Most dogs can recover with conservative treatment; however, bites to the head and neck can be very dangerous. There is an antivenin for “after-the-bite” available at most emergency centers, but can be very expensive.

Venomous Copperhead Snake with Forked Tongue

We offer the Atrox Crotalus Rattlesnake vaccine, which is effective “before-the-bite” at reducing the severity of snake envenomation by the Western Rattlesnake, and studies have shown cross-protection against the sidewinder, timber rattlesnake, Massasauga, and copperhead. Partial protection may be provided against eastern diamondback venom, but not against water moccasin (cottonmouth), Mojave rattlesnake, or coral snake venom. (Davis, Robinson’s Current Therapy, 2015).

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Alert, FYI

It is World Rabies Day!

Today is World Rabies Day! It is a day in recognition and awareness of this deadly disease. Vaccines are available for pets as most human rabies cases come from dogs.

In Mannford city limits, rabies vaccinations are legally required for all dogs and cats. Why? Because rabies is fatal to you and them. Help us protect our pets and raise awareness of this vital vaccine!

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