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Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

A happy dog is standing up and it reads, "October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month"

October is National Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month! Wherever your furry friend comes from, they are a constant source of love and affection. There are millions of dogs in shelters and foster homes in the U.S. just waiting to find their fur-ever home! Here are some amazing ways to help out shelter pets this month!

Donate to our local shelter!

The staff of Mannford Shelter Friends smiling in front of donations.

Mannford Animal Shelter Friends Foundation is our local shelter right here in Mannford! They not only support the animals in the Mannford City Shelter, but they also find foster homes, rescues, fur-ever homes, and even reunites lost pets with their owners!

Adopt a shelter dog!!

Our local shelter and shelters in our area have TONS of loving, wonderful dogs looking for their fur-ever homes!

Meet Hilary

Meet Hilary. She is a very sweet 2-3 year old spayed female and is up to date on her vaccinations. She is a petite 35 lbs and is good with other dogs, kids, cats and people. She is a bit unsure of a leash but each day she is better with it knowing it is not there to hurt her, but to take her on walks. Call City Hall to Adopt 918-865-4314 or message this page.

Meet Patton

Patton is available for adoption. 3 year old, neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Patton had an overnight stay where a cat lived, and he did not bother the kitty. He was also housed with another dog at the shelter (we are full) and they did well together, but they were separated after his vet visit to let him heal quietly. He is house broken and very chill. He will do best in a quiet home as he is recovering from wounds to the back half of his body. He really likes car rides and his toys. Call City Hall to adopt 918-865-4314 or you can contact Mannford Shelter Friends for more information.

Spread the word!

You don’t have to be a professional advocate to spread the word about our local shelters. Just hitting that “like” or “share” button makes a huge difference! Check out the Facebook pages of some of our local shelters:

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Veterinary Techinians' resilience is the heart of veterinary medicine.

Every year we take one week to show our absolute appreciation of all the the techs and staff in the veterinary world. They have a very difficult job that absolutely runs them ragged and yet they come back every single day to do it again… and all for our patients and clients! Here is a little bit of insight on what all a vet tech does.

Customer Service

A woman in scrubs talking to a man.

Our veterinary receptionist is the first face you see when you walk in our doors. Their smiles and greetings set the entire tone for your vet visit. She is who you reach out to when your pet is sick, who is there for you when payments are difficult, and when you need advice. Our techs bring you into the rooms, offer advice over the phone, and do many things that define our customer service.


A vet tech holding a small dog on a table.

The title “Veterinary Technician” can be a little misleading. A vet tech is basically a veterinary nurse! They are primarily responsible for patient care, medication administration, cleaning kennels, boarding, assisting in surgery, and almost anything you can think of!

They can draw blood, do stitches, and lots of things that veterinarians can do too. It is a fact in the medical world that doctors can only be successful with great nursing staff and veterinarians are no exception!

Technical Skills

Two vet techs taking an x-ray of a dog.

Vet techs are responsible for many of the technical procedures in the vet world. They are usually who takes, or assists, with x-rays, ultrasounds, running blood work, and even monitoring patients during surgery! They have profound medical skills and do much more than just walking dogs and cleaning kennels.

Vet techs are the superheroes behind closed doors.
Behavior, Celebrate

Is your pet afraid of fireworks? We know what to do!

Pets are very commonly scared of fireworks, just like babies. From their perspective, there a lot of very loud sounds & bright lights. They are not familiar with these sounds & lights, thus anxiety occurs. We are here to help them stay calm and enjoy the festivities with us!


Severe anxiety is usually obvious, but there are quite a few more subtle signs that come before full-blown panic such as:

  • Lip licking repetitively
  • Ears pinned down to the head
  • Hair/hackles standing up along back
  • Pacing
  • Not wanting to eat

There are more severe symptoms that can be quite alarming such as:

  • Digging
  • Destructive behavior: chewing on walls/shoes/etc, crashing through windows, scratching at doors, etc
  • Sudden aggression, especially with other pets

What can you do at home to help calm your pet?

You can do many things to help alleviate your pet’s stress. In a perfect world, we would remove whatever is stressing them. Unfortunately, we can’t really stop the Fourth of July, but we can make it easier on them.

Give them a safe place

If we give them a safe place to hide, that usually helps alleviate stress. Finding them a quiet, dark, cozy places such as:

  • Covering their kennel with a blanket
  • Putting some blankets & toys in a closet
  • Hiding under the bed
  • Anywhere they feel safe

Giving them comfort

If your pet is asking for pets & cuddles, absolutely love on them! But some pets just want to hide & be alone. That is okay too! What is most important is giving them whatever they need!

What if that isn’t cutting it?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our pets stress levels are too high to manage at home. The noise & excitement of fireworks is a lot of stress for them.

But there is hope! We have many pharmaceutical options that result in varying degrees of relaxation. Of course, if needed, we can help them sleep, but usually a little dose of anxiety medication helps them relax.

If you would like to explore pharmaceutical options, please give us a call to make an appointment!




We at Mannford Animal Clinic, hold a very special respect to those who have served in our armed service, and especially those who have laid down their lives. So many in our lives need to be thanked for defending our freedom.

And we are so grateful to those behind our heroes: mothers, grandfathers, cousins, aunts, spoused, & friends. Their sacrifice is also deep. So THANK YOU for all of those who have fought for us!