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Let’s talk Puppy Vaccines

We have a lot of questions from owners regarding puppy vaccines and we understand that they are a lot. Lots of options and lots of appointments can be very confusing. We thought we would make it a little easier. We build vaccines as the puppy grows, slowly adding one or two until we are big enough for our big boy shots.

Let’s break it down. What is DHLPP? It covers all the scary stuff like distemper and parvo. It also covers lepto. Lepto is a bacterial infection that you can get anywhere a stray animal has peed. It usually isn’t that severe in vaccinated dogs, but, it very easily transfers to people. So lepto vaccines are very important!

We have all heard of rabies. It is fairly uncommon but carries a 100% mortality rate so it is also very important. It is also a legal requirement for animals to be up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations. Kennel cough and rattlesnake vaccines are situational. Kennel cough is most important in animals that are boarding or frequently around other dogs just as rattlesnake vaccines are most important in animals that spend a lot of time outside.

We hope that clears the mystery of vaccines up a little for you!!

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Fourth of July Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is a festive, noise holiday filled with good, old-fashioned family fun. For us, humans. For our pets, the Fourth can be both exciting and scary. We have more pet emergencies on the Fourth of July than almost any other holiday! Keep reading to learn how to keep your pets safe this Fourth!

The biggest tip we can give you is to keep your pets calm. A safe, dark, and quiet place can go a long way to keeping your pets safe. If that is not enough, we can always try some relaxation medications (contact your veterinarian for recommendations). Microchipping can be a lifesaver if they do happen to take a midnight stroll.

The Fourth is full of yummy summer treats but a lot of those goodies are not safe for your pet. Icecream, beer, and chocolate are among the top culprits of doggy stomach aches after the Fourth. Keep your pets safe from tummy-killers just like you would those fireworks. Above all, common sense is key. If it makes your pet feel calmer and/or safer, it works for us!