Veterinary Techinians' resilience is the heart of veterinary medicine.

Every year we take one week to show our absolute appreciation of all the the techs and staff in the veterinary world. They have a very difficult job that absolutely runs them ragged and yet they come back every single day to do it again… and all for our patients and clients! Here is a little bit of insight on what all a vet tech does.

Customer Service

A woman in scrubs talking to a man.

Our veterinary receptionist is the first face you see when you walk in our doors. Their smiles and greetings set the entire tone for your vet visit. She is who you reach out to when your pet is sick, who is there for you when payments are difficult, and when you need advice. Our techs bring you into the rooms, offer advice over the phone, and do many things that define our customer service.


A vet tech holding a small dog on a table.

The title “Veterinary Technician” can be a little misleading. A vet tech is basically a veterinary nurse! They are primarily responsible for patient care, medication administration, cleaning kennels, boarding, assisting in surgery, and almost anything you can think of!

They can draw blood, do stitches, and lots of things that veterinarians can do too. It is a fact in the medical world that doctors can only be successful with great nursing staff and veterinarians are no exception!

Technical Skills

Two vet techs taking an x-ray of a dog.

Vet techs are responsible for many of the technical procedures in the vet world. They are usually who takes, or assists, with x-rays, ultrasounds, running blood work, and even monitoring patients during surgery! They have profound medical skills and do much more than just walking dogs and cleaning kennels.

Vet techs are the superheroes behind closed doors.
FYI, Just for Fun

Happy Vet Tech Week!!

Cartoon rainbow and red heart with text Thank you. National Vet Tech Week annual event.

This week is a special time to thank and show appreciation to our awesome vet techs, assistants, receptionists, and kennel techs. We need each and every one of them to make it through the day. What do they do exactly? They are nurses, anesthesiologists, emotional support, bloodwork technicians, clean-up crew, and so much more! They deserve ALL of our respect and love!

Meet our Superhero Support Staff


Debbie has been with the Mannford Animal Clinic since 1979.  She is our head receptionist andFullSizeRender.jpg.jpeg practice manager, making sure our practice runs smoothly!

Debbie and her husband have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and shopping! Debbie’s animal companions include Abby the Yorkie and Daisy the (tiny) Yorkie.


Esther has been with the Mannford Animal Clinic for 11 years! She is our head laboratory technician and inventory specialist.FullSizeRender.jpg

Esther and her husband have 3 daughters who are very active in sports and other activities. Esther’s family likes to go camping and they enjoy the traveling that goes along with having a competitive gymnast in the family! Esther has a rescued pit bull, Shera (a.k.a. Nurse Shera), who is a frequent visitor at the clinic.


Robin has been working with her father-in-law, Dr. Lasarsky, since January 2009. She is Robin.pngone of our technicians as well as our weekend receptionist.

Robin and her husband have 2 children. They love family road trips, especially to national parks. Aside from hiking and exploring, they also enjoy sitting down together for family dinners.  They have 2 cats, Ella and Vicious, and 2 dogs, Mr. Iba and Pistol Pete (can you tell they love the Pokes?).


Christian has been with the Mannford Animal Clinic since July 2014. Christian is a certifiedIMG_4215 veterinary assistant, and maintains our surgical suite, as well as ensuring the comfort of our hospitalized patients.

Christian and her husband have 2 young sons. Their family enjoys outdoor activities and spending quality time together. Christian has 4 dogs, Mary Jane, Patches, June, and Vienna (a chi-weenie!), and one cat, Trini.



Sydney has been our kennel technician for 4 years going on 5! She is active in FFA and enjoys raising show pigs and working with cattle. She plans to attend veterinary school in the future!

She has 3 dogs, Buddy, Shadow, and Diesel, and 2 cats, Tigger and Bonnie. She also has chickens and a pig!



Erika is our newest kennel technician! She is fromimage0-1 Kellyville and is very active in softball and basketball! She is very bright and is keeping her options open for her future! 

She has two dogs, Shera and Pip. Shera is one of our original clinic dogs while Pip is one of our new additions!  


image0(1)Candra is our rock star vet-tech student. She is married with 3 kids: Jack, Sam, Elly. Candra also has 4 dogs: Finn (one of our recent rescue surgeries), Mango, Odie, and Mr. Bojangles with 1 kitty can, Stormy. She is in her second of three years of tech school and doing a fantastic job!

In her spare time, Candra loves the outdoors, spending time with her family, and is a voracious bookworm!